Peace Walk for the New Year

We seized the moment to make the transition into the New Year in style and grace with a candlelit walk in the new labyrinth at Christ Church Cathedral Ottawa. The reassuring words of John O’Donahue beckoned us into the labyrinth to discover what Peace lives within each heart. At a time when the social and cultural structures of our world are faltering and seeming to give way to chaos, it was very reassuring and also remarkable that a small group chose to gather in a darkened room lit by candles to follow the ancient path that so many have traveled before us.

Stillness in motion was one of the many images or notions that came to me as I threaded the path of the labyrinth. It’s not everyday, or even very often, that I have the opportunity to walk a labyrinth, but this night I really wanted to and I was rewarded with a deep sense of peace, stillness, quietude and finally contentment. Certainly not how I felt when I walked in the door at the beginning of the evening.

As we gathered in the centre of labyrinth to close the evening, I asked participants to offer a one-word summary of their experience of the evening. The words they offered were added to the Poster below.

NYE Word  Poster

The ancient medicine of the labyrinth has proved itself once again! As I begin my 10th year working with the labyrinth, I am renewed and ready to do the work of offering this form of prayer or meditation to the community. Won’t you join us one of these days?

Gratitude to the seven hearty souls who have stepped forward to be a part of the new Labyrinth Guild- the group of volunteers who will open and host this labyrinth for the community of Ottawa.

May Peace truly know a home in your heart in this New Year ahead.


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