January 15 “Labyrinth as Sanctuary”

photo:Danny Sharp

We are starting to articulate just what we are creating when we offer the labyrinth experience to the public. It’s a journey of discovery for all involved, not the least of whom is me. This month I was inspired to look at Harmony as a theme because of the two talented musician who were going to provide the musical setting. We talked about the harmony and balance in the design of the medieval labyrinth as well as how one experiences harmony in ones life.

The Harmonic Duo of Larkin and Nicol

Two musical friends provided the accompaniment, both are very well experienced Liturgical Musicians and both have an intuitive affinity for the setting of the labyrinth. Bruce Nicol played the guitar and brass singing bowl while Matthew Larkin played the piano. Matthew commented afterward that what he played were his thoughts. How cool is that to listen to the thoughts of a musician, not in words but in lyrical tones. I’m always curious to see how musicians improvise together. It was like a conversation as they observed the participants thread their way through the labyrinth.

The Labyrinth by candlelight only

We experimented with the lighting using only candle light. Once our eyes adjusted to the low light it was fine. However, when it came to the art tables we couldn’t really see what the colours were. It was kind of freeing. Oh well; one less thing to be concerned about!

The still point in the Labyrinth

In the above photo there are about 30 people walking in the paths of the labyrinth, while a few sit quietly in the centre. It is a wonderful experience to sit in the centre of a labyrinth and be surrounded by others walking. It’s a great reminder of how the quiet we seek is very close at hand and available if we choose. Funny how it doesn’t feel that way on your average busy day.


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