November-“Labyrinth as Sanctuary”

It was a rainy cold night for our second “Labyrinth as Sanctuary” and  we never know when setting up these event if anyone will come. We didn’t expect much of a crowd as we’re just starting to get the word out. We set up for about 20 people and many more came out. Tim Piper the Assistance Organist at the Cathedral and Director of the Girl’s Choir brought his brand new digital piano and offered a sublime musical setting. A good organist will be skilled at improvisation so they can stretch or condense the music as needed and Tim’s music flowed right from the heart. It’s not easy for a musician to start cold, no music to read from, it’s quiet an exercise in trust. Intuitively yet with years of experience Tim helped create the container for participates to experience the labyrinth.

I enjoy greeting old friends and acquaintances at the labyrinth. I’m starting to become aquatinted with people who I see just in the context of labyrinth events. It’s pretty cool. The conversations one has at the labyrinth have a very different quality. This night a group of women had come from Carleton Place to celebrate a birthday, another car load came from Wakefield. Somehow the word is getting out.

It is always affirming for me at the end of the evening when we gather for a discussion to hear what participants have to say. Yet in the end I will never really know what went on for the people who walked the labyrinth. I had two questions for the group to prime the conversation. The first was in what way could a labyrinth walk be considered prayer and the second, do you feel differently towards the people you walked with compared to when you arrived? The comment and conversation was quiet surprising. It’s amazing to hear the depth of experience that some people have. It’s probably encouraging for others to hear as well.


One thought on “November-“Labyrinth as Sanctuary”

  1. Hi,
    I think labyrinth is a wonderful & intriquing at getting to know each other better; is a whole new affirmative experience!

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