Blue Moon Labyrinth

Blue Moon Labyrinth

December 31. 2009

New Year’s Eve 2009, the end of a year and the beginning of a new decade and a blue moon night (second full noon of the month). What an ending we had. Several adults and teens came out to help build the labyrinth and it was a very smooth installation. The crew is now in tune with the aesthetic and took the time to round out all the right angles and the cut ends of all the lines. Although it’s subtle, it makes a difference to the overall aesthetic of the labyrinth. The wooden floor of the room and the soft light from the candles surrounding the labyrinth produced a warm and welcoming space, on a cold and snowy winter’s night.

Volunteer Crew

Our ongoing experiment with musical accompaniment for the labyrinth continued with Joanne Griffin, who brought her beautiful harp and played medieval chants and long forgotten melodies. They were a most beautiful and complimentary pairing for the labyrinth. She took great care to bring along her ipod loaded with similar recordings that she was able to play as she took a break.

Joanne Griffin playing the Harp

Many young families came to the labyrinth, along with friends and acquaintances. It seems people really do read the fine print in the Kitchissippi Times, were there was a small notice about the Labyrinth event. The labyrinth is starting to build a following and many more people know what to expect. I was intrigued by several of the children who had experienced the labyrinth previously and who were so comfortable navigating the narrow paths. We had a good turn out and it was a beautiful ending to the year and an opportunity to leave behind those things that no longer serve us and then with intension, walk into the new year.

At the Centre of the Labyrinth

One of the hallmarks of how Vanessa and I offer the labyrinth is to invite participant to continue their meditation with an arts based response. At some level it is a way of summarizing an aspect of the experience and distilling it into an image, thereby making it more tangible. The following are some examples of what participants left behind to be included in our archive. This is the beginning of a research project that has not yet been defined. It does need a place to live and we are beginning to wonder if it might find a home in a kind of web-based gallery.

Bringing into Being
Centering Energy
The World

Spirit of my Moon
The Art Table

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