Night light

Walking the labyrinth began very quietly, seriously, an almost somber mood, dim and reflective. It was a reverent feeling in the room.Candle at the centre.

Walkers entered the labyrinth with an unlit candle. Upon arriving at the centre, each candle was lit from the large Paschal candle held by Dean Shane Parker. The candle was symbolized ‘the light of Christ.’


photos by Catherine Culley


The sun went down and as it got darker outside, the candles seemed to become brighter.


The walkers entered the labyrinth in measured sequence, and proceeded at their own pace. Some walked slowly in meditation, some walked in curiosity. After half of the walkers had completed the labyrinth and were standing in witness around the circle of candles, the chanting began. The chant was a rhythmic singing of Hallelujah, which created a quiet joy. At the end of the labyrinth walk, when everyone had emerged, the walkers followed the Dean to the darkened Church, singing, smiling, in a candlelight procession. The Dean sang the Exsultet, which became the last prayers of the evening and then everyone exchanged the Peace.

 Lasting memory:

As we came out of the church at the end of the Liturgy I caught a glimps of my daughter Willow. She had two lite tapers in her hands and she was dancing in the glowing Labyrinth. Oh for a camera. As soon as she saw us she stoped. That was one of those precoius moments that I hope never to forget.


4 thoughts on “Night light

  1. A wonderful transformation of space as well as lovely community gesture; as you move through the stages of planning, preparation, ritual and fruition your activity spirals from the individual to community and then back again as each person embarks on their personal expedition along the path.


  2. Thanks for the story that surrounded the experience. I hope you can keep the labryinth and do some other things.

    Somewhere I have a liturgy on cosmic history, which uses the labyrinth. Are you doing anything for earth day next week?

  3. Unfortunately the blue tape Labyrinth was removed at the end of the evening. I think now I wish I had lobbied to have it remain for further use. There was concern about not leaving tape for someone else to have to clean up in the future. In the past two weeks I have heard many stories about temporary tape Labyrinths remaining for years, including the Santa Rosa at All Saints Westboro.

    I have not plans for Earth Day next week. I think perhaps I’ll have to work on something special for next year.

    Thanks for your comments.


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